Gas Cookers

Gas Cooker & Gas Hob Services in the Peterborough area.

Gas Cooker & Gas Hob services in the Peterborough & Cambridgeshire area - undertaken by professsional, qualified, fully insured, Gas Safe registered Engineer.
(GasSafe has replaced Corgi Gas)
For gas cooker fitting, gas cooker repairs, gas cooker parts, gas cooker servicing, gas cooker installation, gas cooker repair and fixing gas cooker problems.
For installing Gas Cookers -
Gas Pipework, Bayonet Points, Gas Hose & Relocating Gas Pipes.
For all makes and models of gas cookers -
All gas cooker spares and parts replaced -
Support Bracket, Safety Chain, Bayonet Connections, Gas Hoses, Safety Shut Off Valve, Lid Valve, Gas Cooker Knobs, Thermostats, Burners, Crowns, Injectors, Pilots, Ignition, Sparking, Lighting, FSDs - Flame Safety Devices, Grills, Doors, Seals & Other Parts.

New Gas Cooker & Gas Hob Fitting / Installation.

Installation and Fitting service for new or used Gas Cookers & Gas Hobs - including Wok rings or burners.
Whether you have bought a new gas cooker or gas hob, or require an older gas cooker or gas hob installing.
Fitting service available for installing gas supply pipes to gas cookers or gas hobs, or rerouting & replacing gas pipes.
Bayonet Sockets installed to connect gas hoses to gas cookers or gas hobs.
Gas hoses connected to gas cookers.
Also, support brackets and safety chains fitted, as required.

 Gas Cooker & Gas Hob Servicing.

 If you require gas taps greasing because they often dry out and become stiff. Or, your gas rings / crowns have become worn from use. Oven seals often require replacing. Oven burners regularly need cleaning. Your gas cooker should be producing a clearly defined blue flame - yellow flames are an indication of poor combustion and can signal the production of carbon monixide.
These and other routine maintainance points can be resolved - Call to have your gas cooker or gas hob serviced by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

Gas Cooker & Gas Hob Repair.

If your gas cooker or gas hob is failing to maintain its flame, then there could be an issue with its gas pressure supply which is often overlooked when previous connections have been made.
Call to have your Ignition , Sparking & Lighting problems resolved.
 If your oven is not turning upto full rate, failing to light, or the pilot flame not lighting - these problems can often be cured with parts replacement.

Gas Cooker & Gas Hob Parts.

 Gas Cooker & Gas Hob parts replaced by manufacturers original / recommended parts.
Gas Cooker Parts installed by Gas Safe registered gas fitter.
Guaranteed parts replacement for all makes and models.

Ensure your safety with gas cookers & gas hobs.

Anyone carrying out gas work must have a Gas Safe Register ID card. When working on Gas cookers & gas hobs, Insist on any fitter showing the card. If not registered, they are breaking the law and putting you and your family at risk. Check the card and ensure the safety of you, your family & property by using a qualified gas engineer.
Gas cookers & gas hobs are often overlooked when considering gas safety -
but burn gas the same as boilers and fires.
They are an increasing danger in homes from producing carbon monixide.
Always use a Gas Safe Registered engineer when having work performed on gas appliances.

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Gas Safe Register has now replaced Corgi Gas - the regulator for gas engineers