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Radiator Services

Radiator Services in the Peterborough & Cambridgeshire area.

For Radiator Service, Installation, Repair, Replacement & New Radiators in Peterborough & Cambridgeshire.
Including Radiator Hanging, Resiting & Removing Radiators.
Central Heating Services include Draining, Detecting Leaks, Repairing Leaks & fitting Expansion Vessels.
For Radiators - Installing, Fitting and Repair of TRVs, Thermostats, Valves.
Heating Controls - Room Thermostats, Heating Timers, Programmers
Radiator Pipework - Pipes, Valves, Shut Off, Fittings & Drain Points in Copper, Plastic & Microbore.
Installation of Traditional & Modern radiators including Decorative & Towel Radiators.
Bleeding of Radiators & Automatic Air Vents installed to existing systems.
Undertaken by energy efficiency qualified heating engineer and Gas Safe registered (previously corgi gas) engineer.
Be wary of engineers NOT Gas Safe registered performing "work" on boilers whilst working with central heating.


For Central Heating Services not detailed here under RADIATOR SERVICES


Installation, Replacement & New Radiators

Customers can have new radiators supplied & fitted from a selection of quality suppliers, or have thier own choice of radiator installed. Replacement radiators installed to customers own specification.

Traditional & Modern radiators.

As well as standard single or double radiators, choose from a range of quality radiator styles, from a range of manufacturers, including towel radiators fitted to your request.

Resiting & removing radiators 

Radiators permamently removed and pipework capped and removed at customers request.
Radiators resited and pipework rerouted, with the minimum of disturbance.

Repairing of radiators - Draining, Detecting Leaks, Repairing Leaks.

Don't wait until winter to find out that a radiator needs fixing . We'll detect and repair leaks and drain your system with the minimum of mess. A leaking radiator can be an annoyance, but dont wait to fix the problem - air can be drawn into the system and increase the corrosion process inside a system.

Fitting Expansion Vessels

Expansion vessels stop the pressure of wet central heating systems increasing by compensating for the expansion of water as it heats. It is common to find uncorrectly installed systems where the instruction manual has not been followed.
Additional expansion vessels can be fitted as required, especially to larger properties. 

Pipes, Valves, Shut Off Valves, Fittings & Drain Points.

All pipes & pipework fittings replaced to all types - copper or plastic pipe.
Or nuisance / unsightly pipework rerouted to customers request.
Modern pipe fitting incorporate a fitting which enables a visually appealing cover to be applied over the pipes.

Bleeding & Automatic Air Bleeding Vents.

Bleeding of radiators can be performed for customers.
Installing automatic air bleeding vents can bleed radiators of air for you - ensuring all of your radiators are running as efficiently as possible. Automatically. Automatic air bleeding vents can be installed on new or existing systems
Having air within the central heating system can reduce the heating efficiency by up to 60%! This means you have cold zones on your radiators and you’ll probably turn up the thermostat to compensate.

Heating Controls

 TRVs, Room Thermostats, Programmers, Clocks, & Valves.

Fitting additional heating controls to new & existing systems can greatly increase efficiency.
Fit thermostatic radiator valves (as recommended by the Energy Savings Trust) and you can control the temperature in each room of your house.Thermostatic radiator valves are perfect for making sure the living room is warm and cosy without turning the bedroom into a sauna and they are proven to cut energy bills.
Faulty programmers replaced or New Timers installed. Have more control over when your existing boiler starts & stops - incresing both comfort and efficiency.
Malfunctioning two valves & faulty three way valves replaced. On existing systems customers can have them installed to created "zones" which together with a programmer can heat only the rooms required.
Broken Room Thermostats replaced. On existing systems have a room thermostat installed in the main lving area to increase comfort levels.

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Gas Safe Registered to work on boilers & Energy Efficiency Qualified.
Be wary of engineers NOT Gas Safe registered performing "work" on gas appliances -
whilst working on central heating systems
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Gas Safe Register has now replaced Corgi Gas - the regulator for gas engineers