Central Heating

Services for central heating systems in the Peterborough & Cambridgeshire area.


This is the main page for Central Heating Services & Central Heating Systems provided by
Boiler Services in Peterborough by Simon Mason.
Undertaken by energy efficiency qualified heating engineer and Gas Safe registered (previously corgi gas) engineer.
Be wary of engineers NOT Gas Safe registered performing "work" on boilers whilst working with central heating.
 (Gas safe has replaced Corgi Gas for gas fitters)


Radiator Services

Including Radiator Hanging, Resiting & Removing Radiators.
Central Heating Services include Draining, Detecting Leaks, Repairing Leaks & fitting Expansion Vessels.
For Radiators - Installing, Fitting and Repair of TRVs, Thermostats, Valves.
Heating Controls - Room Thermostats, Heating Timers, Programmers
Radiator Pipework - Pipes, Valves, Shut Off, Fittings & Drain Points in Copper, Plastic & Microbore.
Installation of Traditional & Modern radiators including Decorative & Towel Radiators.
Bleeding of Radiators & Automatic Air Vents installed to existing systems.

Types of System

Examples of Typical Central Heating System Layouts.
Once the ideal type of boiler has been chosen based on the customers needs, then existing system layouts can be tailored to suit the choice of boiler.


Central Heating System Filters

Avoid having problems with your radiators and boilers.
Magnetic and non magnetic Central heating filters available from Fernox, Sentinel & Magnaclean installed
to existing and new Central Heating Systems.

Chemical Inhibitors

Untreated water in a wet central heating system will naturally corrode metal components.
Particles typically bond to the interior surfaces of components, often causing wear and premature failure of pumps and valves. The heavier types of debris can settle at points of low water flow causing blockages and upsetting the balance of the system, resulting in loss of boiler efficiency and system effectiveness.
An Inhibitor is a chemical mix that should be added to the central heating system ( new or existing ) to prevent corrosion and prolong the life of the system,
Adding corrosion inhibitor to new or existing centeral heating systems is vital, and a lack of corrosion inhibitor in a system invalidates warranties on boilers and systems.


Powerflushing Service

Powerflushing is the fast and efficient way to remove sludge and debris from new and existing systems in order to restore or maintain the energy efficiency of your central heating system. It is vital to powerflush before installing a new boiler to protect and extend the system’s life and maintain the boiler’s Sedbuk energy efficiency rating. Existing central heating systems need to be powerflushed to remove the build up of sludge and debris that can build up over time - especially when inhibitors loose thier effectiveness. Pipes and boiler components can clog up from sludge causing expensive breakdowns and call outs to heating engineers.

For Central Heating Services not detailed here under RADIATOR SERVICES


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Gas Safe Registered to work on boilers & Energy Efficiency Qualified.
Be wary of engineers NOT Gas Safe registered performing "work" on gas appliances -
whilst working on central heating systems
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Gas Safe Register has now replaced Corgi Gas - the regulator for gas engineers